Blessed Hands Barber Academy Tuition and Fees

Please read carefully before applying.

Admission Procedure

  • The student arranges for a personal interview with the Director/ instructor. During the interview, a tour will be provided, and questions will be answered.
  • The student will complete the application.
  • The student will provide all necessary documentation from our admission policy.
  • The student will be assigned a date and time to begin their instruction.
  • The student completes their enrollment agreement, tenders payment, and makes payments.

Tuition & Fees

1) Barber Program:

  • 1,200 Barbering Instructional Hours: $10,000.00
  • Supplies/ Textbook and workbooks/BARBER KIT: $1535
  • Registration Fee: $100.00 (Non-Refundable)

TOTAL CHARGES If paid in Cash Amount: $11,635.00

TOTAL CHARGES If paid in Payments: $3,000 down payment and eight monthly payments of $1,079.38. All fees are due before graduating and receiving the certificate of completion.

1) Cosmetology Cross Over Program:

  • 200- Barbering Instructional Hours: $5,000
  • Supplies/ Textbook and workbooks/BARBER KIT: $1535
  • Registration Fee: $100 (Non- Refundable)

TOTAL CHARGES If paid in full: $6,635

TOTAL CHARGES If paid in payments: $3000.00 down payment and two payments of $1817.50. Due before graduating and receiving the certificate of completion.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: 1st of each month after initial payment or deposit.

Other Fees

The Arizona State Examination for Barbering costs $143.00, subject to change per the State of Arizona

Method Of Payment

Students are expected to make all monthly payments in cash, money order, or check; there will be a $35.00 fee for returned checks and a $35.00 late fee when tuition is not paid by the 3rd business day. All school charges must be paid in full before graduation.

Graduation Requirements

Attend all required hours of the barber program (1200 hours) and (200 hours) for the cosmetology crossover program as required by the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, with maximum hours of 1500 for the Barber program (125% of the proposed program timeframe). Maximum of 250 (hours) for cosmetology crossover program. Complete the program's requirements (tests, practical hours, client services).

In compliance with Arizona statute, a student, upon completing hours of a course of study and passing the final exam, is awarded a diploma verifying program completion. Graduating does not give you a barber license; students must pass the State Board Barber Exam to receive their license.

A student graduates from this barber program after completing 1200 or 200 hours for the Cosmo crossover training program and passes their final exam with a satisfactory grade (80% or higher). Satisfy all financial obligations to the institution. Obtaining your official Arizona license requires students to pay for the state board's examination and licensing fees and pass with an 80% on both practical and written exams that the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board requires.

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