"Transforming hairstyles, igniting confidence. More than a cut, it's a statement. Your journey to style starts here, because every strand tells a story. Step into our chair, leave with more than just a haircut – leave with a piece of your identity, refreshed and renewed."

-Ramses Alan Fletes Uribe

The Verde Valley's FIRST And ONLY Barber Academy!

If you are passionate about starting a career in the Barber Industry, and are ready to take the next step - we are here to help you.

Our goal at Blessed Hands Barber Academy is to provide our students with excellent educational knowledge, and hands-on training in our Barber courses and to prepare our students in obtaining their Arizona State License in Barbering. We strive to facilitate licensed graduates in successfully obtaining suitable employment in the field of Barbering.

Can You Make The Cut?

Classes are taught on a five-day-week schedule. Theory classes are conducted everyday, along with practical application everyday. Classes are taught by lecture, demonstration, audio visual aids, and live "hands on" participation by all. Some of the teaching methods used are question and answer, note taking, role play, discussion, and project assignments.


  • Basics of hair anatomy, physiology, and sanitation.
  • Hands-on instruction on the latest hair cutting, coloring, and grooming techniques.
  • Real-world experience practicing these techniques on clients in the student clinic.
  • Instructors committed to preparing you to pass the State Board exam.
  • Lessons about customer service and business so that you can make the most of your career.



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